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i like yew. yer purrrdy.

Woodsy Niles

I mostly talk about animals, plans, and decorating my house.
(I'm friendly. Say Hi!)

P.S. I also maintain film_stills, a place for magical movie moments.
Questions regarding the community can be directed here.
3 women, adventures, badgood movies, bellies, beyond pink, cat breath, cats having dreams, class c motorhomes, clean socks, cleft lip scars, cocorosie's ohio, confessions of a trickbaby, crying at reality shows, deep-fried zucchini, driving around, favorites, fetuses, fictional incest, freeway ii, gentlemen friends, goldfish, happy little trees, howard florey, imagining fictional characters' childhoods, l7, laughing, laying around, life goal: catlady, lina romay, loving survivor too much, matthew bright's girls, natasha lyonne, nice people, no more mr. nicegaius!, polydactyly, prison tattoos, roadside corn, robert stroud, sexy movie drug addiction, simple food, situational sexuality, snoveralls, social withdrawal, spyder jonez, squeezit & rene henderson, talking like a valleygirl, teen apocalypse trilogy, tiny tim, torquemada/alvarez, trashy movies, ugly things, warm clothes, watching people grow up, william rufus devane king, winter squash